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Maxim, RadioPulse target ZigBee for smart grid

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Maxim Integrated Products Inc. and RadioPulse said they have joined forces to provide ZigBee communication for smart grid applications.

Under the partnership, RadioPulse will combine its wireless ZigBee software with Maxim's smart secure IC solutions. Partners said they will develop and market ZigBee software, highly integrated SoCs and smart transceivers to enhance Maxim's smart grid solutions and Zeus, its recently-launched smart meter SoC for embedded smart grid equipment that needs to measure and to communicate securely.

“Maxim supports a variety of standards-based communication solutions including ZigBee. By collaborating with RadioPulse on our Zeus platform, we ensure that customers have innovative, highly integrated, and very secure smart grid solutions,” stated Kris Ardis, business director for smart grid products at Maxim Integrated.

RadioPulse ZigBee SoCs are immediately available for use with Maxim’s smart grid products, companies said.

Maxim's Zeus is claimed to support various security and communication requirements. A built-in cryptographic module secures communication; a secure bootloader prevents unauthorized firmware modification; and tamper detection assures providers that any attempts to physically attack the meter will be detected, recorded, and reported.

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-Source : EE Times-