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Download MG2400 Documents

Data Sheet

MG2400-F48 Datasheet

MG2400-F48 Errata
LM2400 2.4GHz ZigBee Module Datasheet
MG2400-F48 Brochure
LM2400 Brochure
MANGO-ZDK Brouchure
MANGO-ZDK Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide for Keil Compiler

Profile Simulator User Manual

Profile Builder User Manual

Packet Analyzer User Manual

Device Programmer User Manual

MANGO-ZDK Hardware Reference Guide

zPULSE Manual
zPULSE ZigBee Stack API Manual
Application Note

[AN0603] Internal ADC Collaboration

[AN0604] Battery Monitoring Application

[AN0605] GPIO Implementation

[AN0606] PWM Implementation

[AN0607] Temperature Sensor Implementation

[AN0608] Ethernet Interface Implementation for Home Control Application

[AN0609] Battery Powered Device Implementation

[AN0610] Coordinator Implementation

[AN0611] ZigBee Device Implementation

[AN0612] Data Storage Extension Implementation

[AN0613] Low Current Consumption Module Implementation

Development Tool
Device Programmer v3.45 - Updated!!!
(MG2400 & MG245X Compatible)

Serial Terminal Tool(Tera Term Pro Ver.2.3)- can be downloaded from the linked site!

Software Library & Driver

CP210X_USB Driver

Chip Approval Sheet MG2400 Chip Approval Sheet